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  PRESS RELEASE Feb 2022  


With state of the art AI technology, TuneBlades scales and edits original music to any duration in seconds, preserving melody and voices.

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 15, 2022 – MatchTune, the music technology company that simplifies music-to-media integration, today announces the launch of AI-powered app TuneBlades. The smart music editing tool resizes, remixes and adjusts any song automatically according to the desired duration while preserving melody fundamentals and vocals, giving content creators access to tailored music in a matter of seconds.

Created by the collaboration of renowned musicians and experienced engineers, TuneBlades’ innovative AI and algorithms quickly and efficiently create variations of professional-level music, removing the workload traditionally associated with advanced music editing.

In a few clicks, TuneBlades’ music adaptation technology swiftly presents solutions adjusted to fit any duration in the size and format required. Features include easy drag-and-drop uploading, uploading directly from a URL, simple duration slide bar, instant audio trimming, automatic remixing and stretching, vocals removal and infinite streaming. Results are available in a variety of ready to release formats, with a free tier and subscriber offerings with watermark-free and professional and API options.

André Manoukian, composer and co-founder of MatchTune and TuneBlades, said: “Launching TuneBlades is the next phase in our mission to empower independent and professional content creators with a fast and easy way to edit music for their content. We have clearly demonstrated how AI can add value, removing lengthy integration work and showcasing the best of music with respect to the integrity of compositions.”

Using science and artificial intelligence, TuneBlades’ technology adapts music to match the diverse needs of the growing market of digital content makers. Via the mapping of key moments within a composition, TuneBlades is able to recognise and showcase the most suitable beats, tones and energy precisely having analysed moods, genres, instruments, BPM, pitch, voice and music - resulting in unbiased, efficient music reconfiguration.

Since founding the company, MatchTune has struck partnerships with the likes of BMG Production Music, Universal Music Publishing Group and other music publishers.

TuneBlades is a product of MatchTune, a company dedicated to creating smarter music and video tools that are easier for everyone to use while respecting and attributing the hard work that goes into music creation. Based in Los Angeles and Paris, the MatchTune team is made up of entrepreneurs, scientists and musicians leveraging new technologies to advance the music and video industry.
TuneBlades is available on iOS App Store, MacOS and web, with Google Play coming later in 2022.



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