About us

TuneBlades is a product of MatchTune, a company dedicated to creating smarter music and video tools while respecting and attributing the hard work that goes into music creation.

Based in Los Angeles and Paris, the MatchTune team is a group of entrepreneurs, scientists and musicians working together with one goal in mind: to leverage new technologies to advance the $289 billion music and video industry. In 2019 our co-founders set out to build a music remixing and cutting tool to help users quickly match tracks to any video length while preserving musical structure and continuity. They created TuneBlades to empower both professionals and non-professionals to quickly resize and remix songs to match any duration, remove vocals from songs, and stream indefinitely for live presentations or programs. MatchTune will be launching additional tools in 2022. To find out more or to become a partner you can reach us here