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Remix Music Instantly & Intelligently


Songs are rarely the exact length you are looking for. Adapting tracks for different durations often requires re-editing the whole song which easily can become a time-intensive, budget-draining process. TuneBlades gives you the power to instantly scale and resize any music track to match your video, remove vocals from songs, and stream indefinitely for live presentations or programs. TuneBlades goes beyond simple cutting inside a track. With AI-powered recomposition, your new edit will seamlessly fit your content with a proper musical structure.

Curious? Watch our tutorial video here.

TuneBlades extracts your music’s DNA in millions of points,  so that it can be instantly recomposed to a shorter or longer version of it.

Listen to these TuneBlades remixed samples

Original version
60 second remix version
30 second remix version
20 second remix version


Instant Audio Rescaling

In under a minute, TuneBlades can rescale a track to any length and suggest multiple renders for you to choose from.

Automatic Remixing

With TuneBlades’ AI-powered recomposition feature, any track can perfectly fit your content while keeping a proper musical structure.

Ready-to-Release Formats

Export from a variety of HD audio file types such mp3, wav, or m4a.


Easy Uploading

Drag & drop your music into the TuneBlades app to start.

Remove Vocals from Songs

Found the perfect song, but don’t need the vocals? No problem. TuneBlades can create seamless instrumentals while preserving the original song’s integrity.

Infinite Streaming Option

Stream a piece of music continuously for live events and broadcasting. Our AI will continue to build the song infinitely in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about running out of music!

"We invested in MatchTune because it uniquely provides a reliable solution to a rapidly growing need for original music delivered in high volume. MatchTune has built an unique tech platform with a very seasoned team."

Jean Marie Messier
Former CEO Vivendi Universal

"Our growing video production business for television programs require a faster and more accurate access to original music content. MatchTune provides an unique catalog search technology which is priceless for our video editors."

Gerard Pont
CEO Morgane Production

"MatchTune allows users to create real, original and synchronized music for video content in a matter of seconds. By 2023, video content is expected to represent 80% of all internet traffic"

Stephanie Hospital
Founder/CEO OneRagTime

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