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What is TuneBlades?

TuneBlades is an AI-powered music editing tool that allows any music track to be almost instantly resized to any duration while keeping its core melody and structure. It also can remove vocals or extend tracks to play infinitely.

How does it work?

MatchTune AI processes the targeted music track and extracts millions of data points that define and characterize the track. Once this data has been extracted, thousands of re-editing patterns are generated based on the desired final duration and the best-scored patterns are selected. Finally, the original track is then instantly reassembled following optimum composition.

Do you have any tutorial videos?

We sure do. Start here.

How long does it take to process one new iteration of music from the original song?

1 second.

What is the minimum duration available for a variation?

From 7 to 15 seconds depending on the original music track.

What is the maximum duration available for a variation?

No limit. Can also be delivered as an infinite streaming output.

Can we process music in volume?

Yes. Several batch connectors are available (FTP, S3, Upload)

How many variations are suggested for a specific duration?


Is the generated variation the same audio quality as the original track?


Can TuneBlades process any type of music?

Yes. The original needs to be at least 15 seconds long.

How do I download a TuneBlades edited track?

Go to the download icon on the top right of the editing interface, click and scroll down to choose the desired output version.

How do I get more track edit variations?

Simply upload your track again into TuneBlades and a new set of remix options will be provided.

How do I cancel my membership?

First login to your account and click on update membership information. From there click 'cancel membership'.

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