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Improve Your Video & Audio Editing Efficiency with TuneBlades

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Trim your edit time with automatically synced music.

Video Editing Struggles

Video editing can be a lengthy process. For just 1 minute of video, it’s been estimated that creators will spend anywhere between thirty and sixty minutes editing*. So, for just a 12 minute video, an editor can expect to be sitting at their desk for as much as half a day!

A significant editing roadblock can often be found in perfecting the audio; specifically, finding and syncing good music to the video project to maintain and elevate the content’s coherence and entertainment value. At MatchTune, we understand the struggles of content creation and time management, and that’s why we are super excited to be able to offer our AI-powered ‘TuneBlades’ platform to creators, as a method of increasing audio editing efficiency and producing better-quality edits with effective audio.

How Does Tuneblades Work?

TuneBlades is a swiss army knife of music editing, very much with the pun intended. You can upload an audio file either by dragging and dropping one in from your computer, or by pasting a website link containing the audio file. Upon uploading a song, TuneBlades will analyze the audio file for its every chord change, vocal melody, structural element and modulation, so that it can manipulate the song in the most effective way possible. Here are some of the features of TuneBlades:

  • Instant Audio Trimming - Cut the track to any length, and get multiple renders to match a variety of target lengths. This is great for finding music for specific parts of a video, such as an intro.

  • Automatic Remixing - Extend or shorten your song, automatically adjusting the track while preserving melody and vocals.

  • Ready to Release Formats - Discover a variety of HD (lossless) quality watermark-free output options for mp3, m4a, or wav file output when you are subscribed.

  • Remove Vocals from Songs - With TuneBlades, you can seamlessly remove vocals from a track, while preserving the audio quality of both. This is great for remixes, instrumentals and fun sound effects.

  • Infinite Streaming Options - Drag the duration of your track all the way to the right, to enter into ‘infinite mode’. This creates a continuous version of the song that you can use while streaming for hours on end!

TuneBlades is the ultimate pro tool in shaping audio for content creation. Its capabilities go far beyond track manipulation, offering you the ability to manipulate audio in a variety of ways. You can learn more about TuneBlades here.


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