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Music Editing Smart Tools - The Whys, the Whats and the Hows

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

New music editing tools are everywhere. You’ve probably tried some out in the quest to have the best technology at your disposal to save time and get the best result.

Smart tools can save you hours, if not days, on your production timeline and if you’re freelancing or working for a brand or marketing agency it could also save you lots on your bottom line.

Here is the general category breakdown of Audio Editing Tools:

  • Traditional professional-level audio software editing suites,

  • Mobile App audio editing

  • Smart audio editing software using AI

Traditional Professional Audio Editing Tools

Traditional Professional Audio Editing Software is great in many ways.

The key drawbacks with tools like Adobe Audition are:

  1. It takes lots of training on the software to know how to use it (just check out the hundreds of youtube tutorials)

  2. Even if you know what you’re doing, it takes loads of time.

Some projects merit fine-tuned audio, but many don’t need that level of precision when there are faster and easier audio editing alternatives that provide a similar result.

Mobile App Audio Track Editing Tools

There are more and more mobile apps on the market. For the most part, they fall into 2 categories:

  1. They are a mobile version of the traditional audio editing software, or

  2. They are specifically made for mobile devices and have sub-par capabilities (Sorry, Mp3 Cutter!)

Neither of these makes a ton of sense. Either you’re going to try to edit your audio with a high-level of precision at which point you know you’re going to want to be on a computer screen so that you can see what the heck you’re doing, or, you’re going to have super abrupt cuts with no intro or outro. Any way you work it, you’re likely not going to like the process or result.

Smart audio editing software using AI

This is the newest form of audio editing software and the most promising for content creators. Thanks to some very big steps in artificial intelligence over the past few years, tools like TuneBlades are able to identify hundreds of key moments, transitions, important segments, vocals and refrains and recompose the music to fit the desired duration. (The full list of features is here.)

TuneBlades can also seamlessly remove vocals in a few clicks or be set to stream indefinitely to allow flexibility for live broadcasts or presentations. It could be argued that TuneBlades is the Goldilocks of the bunch and can be summed up as:

  1. Professional-level outputs

  2. Zero training required to use the software

  3. Super fast results in a few seconds

So who is this for? Well, pretty much everyone.

Marketing and Ad Agencies are perpetually tight on time and budgets are often thin. TuneBlades can shorten timelines for high-quality content production while providing key tools for creating background music for live podcasts and live events.

Audio editors need tools that can produce fast results as much as any other content creator. They may not use TuneBlades on every project, but depending on what they are trying to get done and the time allowed to do it. This could be their ace in their back pocket.

Video editors have similar needs to audio editors and TuneBlades provides a simple solution to quickly adjust music tracks to new cuts or edits of their video content.

Pod casters need flexibility. With TuneBlades the option to have background music continuously run for live podcasts until it needs to fade out provides a more professional touch.

Big brands with internal marketing, design and production teams need a variety of tools for the varied content that is produced. TuneBlades is a tool that even junior members of the team can use to create impactful video content or podcasts on the fly.

Integrations and APIs tailored for your needs

Looking for TuneBlades-like tools with your own special spin for a particular use? We’re happy to help. TuneBlades also has open APIs and partners with all types of companies to integrate custom tools into their workflow. To find out more contact us


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